Sevenstep Leaders Named 2023 Superstars by HRO Today Magazine

Boston – February 9, 2024 – Sevenstep congratulates President Amy Bush and Executive Vice President of Analytics and Infrastructure Brian Knapp, who were named 2023 HR Provider Superstars in Talent Acquisition by HRO Today. The annual list honors HR providers, practitioners and thought leaders who have driven advancements in their companies and the HR industry. 

“Through HR Superstars, we recognize transformative leaders who have deepened their understanding of new technological advancements, renewed their focus on employee engagement and wellness, and prepared for future challenges,” said HRO Today CEO Elliot Clark. “I commend Sevenstep for its abilities to design resilient talent strategies as the pressure to adapt, solve problems and deliver wins for the business is greater than ever.”

Since 2018, Amy Bush has led Sevenstep’s expansion from an RPO to a full-scale total talent solutions provider. Under her leadership, revenue rose significantly from 2021 to 2023, the workforce grew by 37%, the company expanded its operations to 65 countries, and promotion rates have exceeded industry norms at 49% since 2021. In addition, she led a pioneering recruitment remodeling initiative in 2023 that reduced time-to-fill by 18 days and aging down to 6%, yielding a 90%+ hiring manager Net Promoter Score.

Brian Knapp leads Sevenstep’s technology, analytics, transformation and governance teams, prioritizing people while assessing and delivering against business needs to achieve organizational goals. Knapp’s combination of technical knowledge and project and operational leadership enabled the successful incorporation of industry market data for contingent and permanent hiring into Sevayo® Insights, Sevenstep’s technology integration platform. The solution empowers companies to learn from the past, control the present and envision the future with real-time access to critical business intelligence.

“Amy and Brian are well-deserving of recognition for their deft astuteness to help clients prepare for any challenge,” said Sevenstep Founder Beth Gilfeather. “Amy is a consummate innovator, and the recruitment remodeling initiative she led for us optimized the use of machine learning to create efficiencies and support the assignment of requisitions. Brian’s combination of technical knowledge and project and operational leadership is an integral part of how Sevenstep helps clients harness insightful data and apply predictive analytics to help drive efficiency and business results. Amy and Brian are excellent leaders for our business and the industry whose clear vision and capabilities will continue to influence the talent solutions landscape with clear momentum.”

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About Sevenstep

Sevenstep is a global provider of strategic workforce solutions that enable business leaders to achieve ambitious goals and resolve complex workforce challenges. The company's recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), managed service provider (MSP) and total talent solutions are recognized for driving innovation and delivering impact for top companies around the world. Sevenstep is recognized as a perennial top RPO provider in the HRO Today Baker's Dozen Annual Customer Value Survey and an RPO and MSP key player by Everest Group.

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