5+ Reasons Why Talent Acquisition Professionals Are Feeling Grateful This Thanksgiving

This week, millions of Americans will descend upon the nation’s airports and train stations, or they’ll hop into their cars for a journey ‘home.’ Ovens will be working overtime – pulling double duty to cook turkeys and pumpkin pies. Email traffic will slow to a standstill and our President will pardon a flightless bird (which seems fair for an animal that lives with such a disadvantage).

Yes, it’s Thanksgiving – a time when family squabbles are set aside (or amplified!) and it’s acceptable to consume 4,000 calories in one sitting.

In the true spirit of the holiday, we at Sevenstep have gathered a collection of reasons why we’re thankful this year.

Reason #1: Relationships

Sevenstep Executive Director, Amy Wrocklage, captures the holiday perfectly when she cites ‘relationships’ as her touchstone. “Relationship building in Talent Acquisition is essential to the success of partnerships; it's how we go from a transaction to trusted partner, and how we fill jobs with the right candidates,” she says. “It's important to apply this to all relationships – both internal and external. Be prepared for meetings and calls, come with meaningful data and insight, and don't always take a cookie cutter approach. At the end of the day, we are all human, and trust and respect go a long way with those we work with."

In fact, relationships and people were a common theme among our contributors to this collection of thanks. Marcus Morrell: “I’m really thankful for the opportunity to work for a company where I can continue to develop and learn from coworkers from a wide variety of backgrounds and levels,” he tells us. “Together, we not only make the company successful but it helps my – and our – personal development in the Talent Acquisition profession. The advice and guidance I get every day is amazing and I’m thankful for everyone that has contributed.”

Samuel Williams: “I’m very thankful for the amount of selflessness shown by the people I work with,” Samuel Williams says. “My leads and managers genuinely want to see me grow. I always feel supported and challenged at the same time. The concept of the ‘one-on-one’ we have here has been something crucial for my development and confidence as a recruiter.”

Reason #2: Positive Impact

Talent Acquisition is essentially a people business. And for many of our people, the opportunity to help people find new careers at exciting companies is one of the greatest rewards for working in the profession. “When you fill jobs with great candidates, the chance to positively impact others is without question my favorite part of the job,” says Gary Norris, Senior Manager.

"The core of our business is people helping people,” Senior Manager Ryan Dulac explains. “I'm thankful to be a part of that, and to have an incredible team of dedicated, talented professionals who do this every day.

Reason #3: Technology

While Thanksgiving is – rightly – a time to reflect on personal relationships, we also have a couple of folks who are thankful for more practical things. Lead Recruiter Brenda Ariyanto is thankful for TextRecruit – a tool her team is using to help a major healthcare client improve communications with nurse candidates. “Nurses are always on the go, and TextRecruit has enabled me to lock down times to talk to them on their breaks,” she says. “We can get quicker responses from wrong numbers or referrals from those who aren't interested in a new opportunity but know someone who might be.”

And perhaps not surprisingly, Martina Bright – one of our Senior Coordinators renowned for her organizational skills – is thankful for something that helps her stay on top of things: conditional formatting in Microsoft Excel! “It allows me to see my tasks at a glance in the color-coordinated fashion that my brain enjoys,” Martina explains. “And, it helps me to flag certain high-priority action items when I have the conditional formatting set to automatically highlight them in yellow.”

Reason #4: Global Growth

While November’s Thanksgiving is primarily an American holiday, it is celebrated in different ways – at different times – in other parts of the world. And wherever they may be, all Americans save a thought for home at this time of year. That’s why Nikki Vachon – whose career journey has taken her across the Atlantic to our delivery center in the U.K. – is thankful for globalization at Sevenstep: “Selfishly for my own career? Sure! But moreso for the varied relationships, new perspectives, and enhanced learning it’s brought to my career,” she says.

Reason #5: Opportunity

Perhaps Elizabeth Sidaway – one of our talented Recruitment Business Partners – sums it up best: “I’m thankful for the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives every day, for the opportunity to work for a company that values your contributions, provides support, training, development and that is progressive,” she says. “I’m thankful for the great people I work with on my teams – just too many names to list. We all support one another and take pride in our work. And so I'm thankful to Sharyl Oliver-Augustitus, who opened the door to this great career opportunity.”

Wherever you are this week, whoever you’re spending it with, and whatever pains you had to endure to get there, all of us at Sevenstep wish you a very happy, safe and warm Thanksgiving.