Talent Acquisition: Checklist for the Path Forward

Workforce Strategy Fundamentals for More Effective Talent Acquisition

Nearly every company today struggles with a shift in the market for talent. Sevenstep’s “Talent Acquisition: Checklist for the Path Forward” addresses seven crucial workforce strategy fundamentals we believe companies should consider as they position their TA function to lead in an uncertain and competitive future.

1. “We know the real cost of workers for given skills.”
2. “Our job requirements are aligned/fit to reach the best talent.”
3. “My TA function is responsive and flexible.”
4. “Our employer brand helps us attract and retain talent.”
5. “We have a measurable DEI strategy.”
6. “We have a tech stack to empower and grow with us.”
7. “My organization has “total talent” visibility to all possible workers.”

Our insights and recommendations will begin conversations that lead to real improvements in how you can acquire today’s top talent. You can find the full TA Strategic Readiness Checklist in our article here.