HRO FLASH REPORT Talent Acquisition Function in Need of Help

 Talent Acquisition Function in Need of Help

It should be no surprise that a growing number of companies are looking hard at how well their talent acquisition (TA) function works. The demand for talent remains high despite talk of hiring slowdowns, and many organizations see an uncertain road ahead. Can the TA function adjust quickly to changing needs? Is the right process and structure in place? Is the technology stack up to speed?

A new survey report, sponsored by Sevenstep and developed by HRO Today provides insights into these questions and more. The Flash Report, "Talent Acquisition Function in Need of Help," examines HR leaders' long-term plans for the TA function. The survey dives deep into their views about their TA strategy and infrastructure and the significant challenges they face when optimizing their related technology.

The findings reveal that most companies still operate in a reactionary mode, failing to commit the resources needed to meet their future objectives adequately. A look at several pain points indicates where the priorities are likely to be as companies adjust to the road ahead:

  • Data and Intelligence: 32% viewed their intelligence favorably, and only 41% found their data analytics to be up to par.
  • Ability to Change: Less than half of leaders (48%) had a positive view of their TA agility.
  • Partnership and support: 50% had a positive view of RPO, and 52% felt optimistic about the support structure of their TA.

The big picture reveals that you are not alone if you are re-thinking your TA function. A careful look at the fundamentals of talent can help frame the conversation and help you forge a path forward.

For a complete look at the survey findings and insights, download the full HRO Today Flash Report, "Talent Acquisition Function in Need of Help."